Iterations and Assertions

Super Classy recently finished a collection of twenty-four custom clamshell boxes for San Francisco based painter Amy Ellingson. Amy’s solo exhibition Iterations & Assertions is now showing in the main gallery at San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art through September 13. IMG_20140629_162234Each box will house ephemera and process sheets from an individual painting of Amy’s. IMG_20140704_164726Each box holds a different amount of material, so we had to build up the floor of each appropriately. IMG_20140511_110838Lots of cutting and building at the outset.

IMG_20140508_150319Casing a box in.

IMG_20140524_105731Stacks are growing.

IMG_20140605_133013All we need are the labels.

IMG_20140618_172858Maintain a healthy perspective.

IMG_20140629_162949Cover all the angles.

IMG_20140629_163157Ship ’em on out.




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