Nice as Ice as….What Now?

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It took a while to find the perfect shade of indigo for the cover of our latest book project, but find it we did. We’re not certain the final result is technically indigo, but for the purposes of, well, our purposes, we think it looks just fine.

What’s inside, you ask? Well, inside are 507 notes that Andy wrote about 55 books he’d read. What sort of notes were these? Dreams? Hopes? Lists of gifts he would like to buy for his wife, Katie? No. None of these.

The notes are things like “a riverboat named Swastika,” “bummer of a curse” and “Classic shop dynamics. Reminds me of working at Magnolia Editions.”

The notes are alphabetized (much like the sample quotes we’ve pulled out here) but not contextualized. So when you read the notes, you don’t know what books they came from. But…you could guess! (I think we have another dinner party game!)

Even if you’re not into guessing games, “Nice as Ice as Rice as Indigo” is a unique record of time spent reading. Plus, a lot of thought went into the book color.

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