Godheads or Gumshoes?

Some of you may have seen this little number sitting at John DeMerritt‘s table at Codex, but it is just possible that it escaped your attention. (It happens to the best of us). So, let’s take a minute to look through “Godheads or Gumshoes,” as it just may turn out to be your favorite dinner party game.


Godheads or Gumshoes? By Andrew Rottner
3-D rendering courtesy of Blurb.com

If you can’t read the title, it says, “The quotations in this book are taken from Greek and Roman classics, or from twentieth century crime and detective fiction. Godheads or Gumshoes? You decide.”

Enticing, no? Nothing like a three-sentence long book title to really draw the reader in. But with a game as fun as this one, we didn’t want to waste time with a cover page. We wanted to get started right away, and we think you’ll agree.



Sneak Peek: Godheads or Gumshoes from Andrew Rottner
3-D rendering courtesy of Blurb.com

Let’s try with the first quote of the book: “It would seem that the remotest parts of the world have the finest products.”

Does that sound like a quote from a modern translation of a Greek or Roman Classic (Godhead), or does it sound like a line from twentieth century crime and detective fiction (Gumshoe)? Choose wisely, and astound your dinner party guests with your literary acumen.

Let’s be clear: the quote on page 1 bears no relation to the quote on page 2 (“Believe me, if you have a nickel in your pocket, you’re worth a nickel. You are what you own.”) Both quote might be from Greek/Roman Classics–or both might not.

Salivating for the answer? We don’t blame you. All the answers are posted in the back of the book–all you have to do is buy it.




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